Lhasa Apso dog on the grass

Interestingly, dogs do seem to be able to sense time but perhaps not in the same way that humans understand the concept of it. A 2018 university study, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience,  discovered that dogs may be able to judge time. Dogs are all about the ‘here and now’…

Lhasa Apso puppy sitting on the sofa

What is separation anxiety? Separation anxiety is a common behavioural problem in dogs that is provoked by the fear of being alone. Dogs are pack animals. They would consider their humans very much members of their pack and for this reason they are afraid of being on their own. They…

Easy Riser Car Seat
A few months ago our Lhasa Apso, Poppy, was gifted the Easy Riser Car Seat from PetzMotion. With the help of Poppy, we've spent the last few weeks putting the Easy Riser to the test and thought we'd share our feedback. Dogs should be safely secured in the car Travelling in the car with our
Lhasa Apso hiding from fireworks under a blanket
With bonfire night and fireworks season rapidly upon us, many of us will be looking for ways to keep our dogs calm and safe from the loud firework noises. This can be a fun season for children and adults but dogs do not enjoy the experience of fireworks. Dogs can be left traumatised by the
Puppy at the beach

Lhasa Apsos are small but fiercely independent dogs who are best suited to colder mountainous climates, where body heat preservation is of greater importance than exerting lots of energy through exercise. If you’ve read about the curious origins of the Lhasa Apso, you’ll know that the breed has ancient Tibetan…

Lhasa Apso puppy sitting on grass
With the August Bank Holiday fast approaching, many families are already planning their perfect day out. But did you know that this Bank Holiday is also National Dog Day? As many dog owners will know, it can be difficult to find venues that are dog friendly, and nobody wants to leave their dog at home,