Lhasa Apso puppy sitting on the sofa

What is separation anxiety? Separation anxiety is a common behavioural problem in dogs that is provoked by the fear of being alone. Dogs are pack animals. They would consider their humans very much members of their pack and for this reason they are afraid of being on their own. They…

Lhasa Apso dog under tree in the dark looking afraid

As the nights start drawing in and we approach Halloween, we want to find out if dogs are afraid of the dark. Whilst a fear of the dark in humans is very common, it’s not easy to determine in dogs. Are dogs more afraid at night? The simple answer is…

Lhasa Apso hiding from fireworks under a blanket
With bonfire night and fireworks season rapidly upon us, many of us will be looking for ways to keep our dogs calm and safe from the loud firework noises. This can be a fun season for children and adults but dogs do not enjoy the experience of fireworks. Dogs can be left traumatised by the
Small Lhasa Apso puppy with a carrot stick
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Lhasa Apso puppy sitting on grass
With the August Bank Holiday fast approaching, many families are already planning their perfect day out. But did you know that this Bank Holiday is also National Dog Day? As many dog owners will know, it can be difficult to find venues that are dog friendly, and nobody wants to leave their dog at home,
Puppy Lhasa Apso wet on the grass

Humans and dogs are similar in that we are all creatures of habit. We like to do things in our own particular ways. When we deviate from one course of familiarity into the unknown, it can create anxiety. What makes humans slightly different is that we can often find spontaneity…