Puppy Lhasa Apso wet on the grass

Humans and dogs are similar in that we are all creatures of habit. We like to do things in our own particular ways. When we deviate from one course of familiarity into the unknown, it can create anxiety. What makes humans slightly different is that we can often find spontaneity…

Dogs are known for their ability to intensely stare at their owners, sometimes for no apparent reason. I do not mean the guilty look after a pair of my socks has gone missing. Or even the pleading look when food is available. I know and recognise this behaviour only too…

Puppy walking along pathway

Our wonderful doggy companions provide us with unconditional love and happiness. Unfortunately, the major pitfall with dog ownership comes when inevitably we are forced to say goodbye. The average life expectancy for dogs is around 10-11 years, which of course is not nearly long enough. The general health and quality…

Puppy in the flowerbed
Dogs are incredibly clever creatures and seem to have the ability to sense human emotions. Many dog owners will have experienced moments where their dog is really in tune with them emotionally. Dogs also seem to gravitate towards people who are happier and more loving. Can dogs really sense the good in people? Dogs are