Lhasa Apso dog

The Lhasa Apso dog breed has a playful personality and temperament. They’re known to be fiercely independent and fearless, but they also have unwavering loyalty to their owners. Lhasa dogs might be small in physical stature but the same cannot be said for their huge personality. Here are the seven…

Puppy in the flowerbed
Dogs are incredibly clever creatures and seem to have the ability to sense human emotions. Many dog owners will have experienced moments where their dog is really in tune with them emotionally. Dogs also seem to gravitate towards people who are happier and more loving. Can dogs really sense the good in people? Dogs are
Lhasa Apso with a Christmas bow

With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to get any last minute shopping out of the way. You’ve no doubt bought presents for friends, family and colleagues, but what about your much loved dog? They unconditionally love you all through the year, so making them feel extra special this…

Lhasa Apso dog under tree in the dark looking afraid

As the nights start drawing in and we approach Halloween, we want to find out if dogs are afraid of the dark. Whilst a fear of the dark in humans is very common, it’s not easy to determine in dogs. Are dogs more afraid at night? The simple answer is…

Lhasa Apso walking along
It's well known that dogs have excellent hearing abilities but why do some breeds seem to be better at it than others? First of all, what do we mean by 'intelligent hearing'? Imagine you are travelling home on a crowded train. The carriage you are seated in is full and other passengers are in conversation