Lhasa Apso with a Christmas bow

With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to get any last minute shopping out of the way. You’ve no doubt bought presents for friends, family and colleagues, but what about your much loved dog? They unconditionally love you all through the year, so making them feel extra special this…

Lhasa Apso that is in the garden looks like it is laughing and intelligent
We might all assume that our dogs are very intelligent creatures, but have we been wrong to assume? In a recent study published in the journal Learning & Behaviour, an analysis of 300 scientific papers into dog intelligence was undertaken by Professor Stephen Lea of the University of Exeter and Dr Britta Osthaus of Canterbury
Lhasa Apso puppy yawning
If only dogs could talk. Let's be honest. Most of us have made that statement when we are trying to find out what our dogs are thinking or how they're feeling. However, dogs are different from humans because they don't really care about making us understand them better. As far as dogs are concerned, we
Lhasa Apso of the Tibetan mountains Lhasa Apsos are “one of a breed of small terriers having a long, heavy coat, raised in Tibet as watchdogs.” The Lhasa part of their name derives from the sacred city of Lhasa. It's the capital of the Tibetan region in China and home to the Dalai Lamas. The Apso part of the name translates to "bearded". The Lhasa
Puppy watching tv

Lately, I have become very interested in the reasons some dogs become agitated when animals appear on the TV screen. However, it is a complex subject and requires careful thought. After all, the barking can be difficult when you are having a quiet night in watching a TV programme that…