Puppy at the beach
When I decided on the subject of a dog's understanding of human language, I had just been in conversation with a neighbour who believes that dogs comprehend very little of human language. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, dogs are very intelligent animals and they understand a lot more than you might
Bloodhound puppies

Most people know that a dog’s primary sense is their extraordinary sense of smell.  The olfactory cortex, sometimes referred to as “the nose brain”, is infinitely greater in dogs than humans. Unlike dogs, we rely heavily on the visual cortex which gives us our ability to see. This is the…

Happy puppy jumping
Whether dogs have a sense of humour is something we have seriously been thinking about over the last few weeks. Can dogs really have the ability to create or respond to humour? Research on the internet is inconclusive. We thought we'd give you our opinion based on the way that our own dogs behave. Consider

Have you ever seen your dog watching TV? You may have observed them suddenly get very involved when you’re trying to watch something on the telly. They might start barking, wagging their tail or in some cases, they might run and jump at the screen! Whilst some canines really couldn’t…