Lhasa Apso with Furbo camera boxed
This post is supported by   We have been trying out the Furbo dog camera with Poppy. The team at Furbo were kind enough to gift us the camera for the purpose of this review. We have had the opportunity to put the product through its paces, and this our honest feedback. What is the Furbo Dog
Lhasa Apso dog sitting on an Animology crash pad

Bedtime?! What is that? I’m a Lhasa Apso dog and I go to bed whenever I want to. What’s more, I can sleep wherever I want. In my house every night is the same. Mum and Dad sit drinking tea and watching the telly until it gets really late. Early…

Fluffy wet Lhasa Apso dog

Life as a puppy is very hard work. There are lots of new faces to meet, endless naps to be had, mountains of toys to be played with, gardens and beaches to explore… you get the idea. This tiring existence means there’s little time for anything else. After all, I’m…