Poppy the Lhasa sitting with Pooch & Mutt Vegan Dental Sticks - peanut butter flavour

A review of Pooch & Mutt’s Vegan Peanut Butter Dental Sticks

Discover how Poppy, our fussy Lhasa Apso, fell in love with Pooch & Mutt's Peanut Butter Vegan Dental Sticks – a tasty treat with health benefits!

We’d love to share a story about our adorable Lhasa Apso, Poppy, who is known to be quite particular about her diet. If you’re new here, let us give you some background: Poppy can be quite the fussy eater, often turning her nose up at anything new.

She’s a very harsh critic, which is why we rarely share many food brands. However, when it comes to dental sticks, she is a bit more interested. That said, she tends to guard and savour them throughout the day. She’s been known to keep hold of a dental stick for an entire day. I think it’s a case of knowing that once it’s gone she’s not getting another one until the following day!

A Tasty Surprise

Now, let’s dive into Poppy’s peanut butter adventure with Pooch & Mutt’s Peanut Butter Vegan Dental Sticks*! These are a new flavour that has just been launched.

We were kindly sent free samples to see if Poppy would approve. She’s a difficult customer, so we were anxious about the feedback…

From the moment the package arrived, Poppy seemed to know there was something special inside. She cheekily snatched the packet from the sofa and legged it. It was as if she could already smell the delicious peanut butter aroma seeping through.

When we finally managed to get the packet back, it was time for the ultimate taste test. Poppy, who usually takes her sweet time with dental sticks, nibbling and guarding them throughout the day, gave us quite the surprise. She chomped down on them and polished it off in just half an hour!

We’ve never actually given Poppy any peanut butter before so we weren’t too sure about how she would take to it. The smell is quite powerful, so I’m not surprised that she knew exactly what was inside.

Health Benefits and Features

These dental sticks are more than just a scrumptious snack for our furry friends. They’re vegan, grain-free, and perfect for pups with sensitive tummies or allergies to poultry. Plus, they’re packed with lignocellulose, a natural source of dietary fibre. They’ve also got SHMP to help protect teeth and gums while preventing tartar and plaque build-up. Pooch & Mutt say that the unique shape and texture work together to scrape away plaque and break down calculus.

Irresistible flavour and versatility

One of the most appealing aspects of these sticks is the tasty peanut butter flavour. It is a vegan option that even fussy eaters like Poppy can find irresistible. As we said before, Poppy had never tried peanut butter prior to this. It was evident that she was instantly drawn to the smell and taste. This treat not only appeals to dogs with a discerning palate but also caters to those with specific dietary needs.

These dental sticks are suitable for all breeds and ages from 6 months old. So, whether you have a tiny pup or a fully grown, large breed dog, Pooch & Mutt’s Vegan Dental Sticks might be a perfect addition to their treat collection.

Price and availability

Available at an RRP of £3.99 per pack, you can save by subscribing for just £2.99 per pack. Considering the quality of ingredients, the dental benefits, and the joy it brings to our beloved fur babies, we believe it’s a fantastic investment in their overall well-being.

The seal of approval?

We can honestly say that Poppy went nuts for these peanut butter dental sticks! We wouldn’t share anything that didn’t genuinely impress us. Poppy’s enthusiastic reaction could be an indicator of the quality and taste of the dental sticks. The fact that Poppy, a known fussy eater, adored the taste of peanut butter speaks volumes!

In addition to the delightful taste, the benefits offered by these dental sticks make them an excellent choice for dog owners. The vegan, grain-free formula is suitable for pups with sensitive stomachs and allergies, while the lignocellulose and SHMP contribute to maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

An option for all ages and breeds

Moreover, they cater to dogs of all ages and breeds, making them a versatile treat option for all canine companions. With their unique shape and texture, they effectively promote dental hygiene and keep plaque and tartar at bay.

Of course, no review would be complete without considering potential drawbacks. While Poppy absolutely loved the peanut butter flavour, it’s worth noting that not all dogs may be as enthusiastic about it. Just as humans have different tastes, so do our canine companions. If your dog isn’t a fan of peanut butter, they might not take to these dental sticks as eagerly as Poppy did. Other flavours are available!

Additionally, the price point may be a concern for some dog owners. Although the subscription option offers savings, £3.99 per pack might still be a bit steep for those on a tight budget. However, it’s important to weigh the quality of the ingredients, the dental health benefits, and the potential joy it brings to your furry friend against the cost.


In summary, while the Pooch & Mutt’s Peanut Butter Vegan Dental Sticks are a fantastic treat option for many dogs, it’s essential to consider individual preferences and budgets before committing to a purchase.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a dental stick that not only appeals to your dog’s taste buds but also provides significant health benefits, Pooch & Mutt’s Peanut Butter Vegan Dental Sticks are definitely worth trying. We have no doubt that your furry friend will love them just as much as our dear Poppy did!

If you’d like to try them, check out the Pooch & Mutt* website.

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