Why does my Lhasa Apso bark so much?

Discover why your Lhasa Apso may be barking more than usual and learn practical strategies to reduce excessive barking while maintaining a happy, healthy relationship with your pet.

How many people in the UK own dogs?

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Why did humans domesticate dogs?

Long before the internet’s obsession with cute dog TikToks and instagrams, our ancestors formed an extraordinary bond with our doggos. This bond was not...

Our new digital watercolour prints are available now

Celebrate the unique charm of your pet with a custom pet portrait in forest style. This one-of-a-kind art piece, available on Etsy, beautifully captures your pet's personality in a serene forest setting. Discover the process, quality, and satisfaction that comes with this unique gift for pet lovers.

Understanding Shedding in Lhasa Apsos: How to Manage and Reduce It

Are you considering adopting a Lhasa Apso but wondering about their shedding habits? Discover the truth about Lhasa Apso shedding and learn how to effectively manage it. With regular grooming and a healthy diet, you can enjoy the company of this loyal, playful, and relatively low-shedding breed. Dive into our comprehensive guide to understand more about this unique breed's shedding patterns and how to keep your home hair-free.

Dogs: Powerful allies in boosting mental health

Owning a dog isn't just a source of joy, it's a major boost for mental health. Our furry friends offer companionship, get us moving, teach us to appreciate the present, and make us feel loved.