10 ways to calm your dog during the fireworks

Some great calming techniques for your dog during the New Year's Eve fireworks

With firework celebrations fast approaching, many dog owners will be wanting to make sure their pets are calm and safe. Although this is a fun season for children and adults, dogs do not enjoy this experience and are often left traumatised by the loud and unexpected noises. There are steps you can take to make sure your pet does not suffer undue stress and anxiety during the fireworks season.

Act normally

The most important thing is to act like nothing unusual is going on. Dogs are very intelligent and can pick up on the smallest signals from their human owners. Whilst it is important to make sure you calm your dog and provide the assurance they crave, don’t make a big deal out of the whole affair because your dog will notice it.

Be prepared

Find out if there are any large scale events taking place nearby and check with neighbours to find out if they are having parties. It’s worth knowing in advance so you are able to take extra care with your dog on those particular nights. Buying a thundershirt jacket is a great way to prepare your dog for the event. They are brilliant as they reduce your dog’s anxiety by providing pressure and support. If your dog generally suffers from anxiety, a thundershirt is also an appropriate option.

Give your dog plenty of exercise

It’s a great idea to give your dog a longer than usual walk just before dusk.  This will help run down energy levels and the heightened activity levels during the day will reduce their overall anxiety later on when they’re much sleepier.

Gather their favourite toys

Just like small children, dogs all have their favourite toys. This might be a ball, a soft toy or even a blanket. This is about giving them something to take their mind off the unexpected sounds from outside and to provide them with additional comforts.

Minimise the noise levels from outside

The best way to do this would be to close all the windows and draw the curtains where possible. If there is a side to your house which is usually quiet, it may be worth allowing your dog to move to that part of the house during the loudest moments. Sometimes the visual aspect of fireworks can also create further anxiety, so removing this distraction is always a good idea.

Turn up the TV

Some dogs seem to really love watching TV.  You can read our blog on that very subject where we discuss what dogs really see when they watch the TV. On fireworks night, having the television on may be a helpful distraction to help drown out the loud noises outside.

Make a den

Make a little retreat spot for your dogs where they can go to when the night is in full swing. This could be a chair with a blanket over it, a crate with the door left open or just a nice comfy spot on the sofa. The key here is to have blankets and cushions that your dog can snuggle into when everything gets a bit much. Don’t add stress by forcing this on them but leave it as an option.

Provide distracting activities

There are some great toys you can buy where you hide a treat inside. It’s a bit of a game for the dog which can really provide a great distraction for them. The desire to ‘win’ the treat will hopefully be enough to subdue much of the anxiety from the unusual noises.

Don’t leave your dog alone

If your dog suffers the effects of fireworks night  they might be prone to separation anxiety as well. What your dog really wants is to be with you. You can be a calming and reassuring influence just by being in the same room as your dog. As mentioned before, don’t overly fuss your dog. Just act normally. But don’t let them out of your sight during the peak of the fireworks.

Medications and homeopathic remedies

There are multiple remedies available in stores and online for the purpose of calming your dog and easing their distress. We’ve left this one until last because you need to tread with caution here. Many are perfectly safe, but you should not give your dog any medications without first consulting a vet. Use this option if your dog is particularity susceptible to anxiety and discuss the situation with your vet. There are also some great products available from Waitrose to reduce your pet’s anxiety.

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