How to groom Lhasa Apso dog

Professional grooming tips for Lhasa Apso dogs

Choosing a manageable style for your Lhasa Apso and keeping up with a regular routine will keep him in tip top shape. Grooming your Lhasa Apso doesn’t have to be a chore if you train them properly and have a regular maintenance routine. Many Lhasa Apso owners like to keep the coat in its natural long and flowing state. To be able to maintain the length you must be willing to commit the time to brushing daily for prevention of matting and to remove mats carefully should they occur. Another problem area with Lhasa Apso dogs is the “fall” or the hair that hangs down from their brow, also known as their “top-knot”. Here are some professional grooming tips for maintaining your Lhasa Apso dogs coat.

Lhasa Apso Hair Style Choices

Some Lhasa Apso dog owners opt to do all over, one length clipper cuts. These can range from a 1/8″ all over to a 1 1/2″ all over puppy cut. They trim them shorter to be able to maintain them over a longer period of time, and to avoid having to do the daily brushing it’s natural coat requires. To keep your Lhasa Apso in a long flowing coat you must brush them regularly and keep it tangle free. You can use a conditioner or detangler when brushing to keep the hair moisturized and experience less breakage.

How to brush your Long Haired Lhasa Apso properly

If you make brushing an enjoyable experience your Lhasa Apso will learn to look forward to the time with you. Try not to make a “job” out of it for your dog but more time spent giving it attention. Speaking to them calmly and lovingly will get a better response from some dogs rather than being firm or stern in what you expect from them. Lhasa Apso dogs can be stubborn at times so going slow, and letting him get used to the experience is helpful but don’t be a pushover. They’ll see right through that.

You can brush your dog while they’re laying in your lap. Be gentle if you’ve brushed out tangles that caused uncomfortable pulls at his sensitive skin before. He will surely remember it the next time you take out the brush and probably run a mile! Line brushing or layer brushing is done by pushing the hair back and starting to brush a thin layer from the underside rather than brushing the top coat. The bristles on a dog brush are not long enough to dig into the coat enough to get the tangles underneath. This doesn’t mean to brush harder, just start with underside layer brushing. You should do so daily to keep him tangle free.

Easy Lhasa Apso Top Knots

Top knots for Lhasa Apso dogs are easy once you’ve practiced them. You can use orthodontic bands, or regular ponytail holders if you are concerned about breakage. Alternatively, you can use lightweight kids barrettes to clip the hair back as well. Adding some braids to the top knot is a cute way to draw attention to your exquisite Lhasa Apso dogs breed.