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Welcome to the Lhasa Apso dog blog

Poppy is a cheeky little Lhasa Apso puppy from the UK, born on Christmas Eve 2015. This website will give you the need to know information about all things Lhasa Apso dogs, as well as some great content for all dog lovers. You can follow Poppy’s hectic little journey from puppy through to adulthood with our selection of fun stories, photos and videos. Remember to follow us on social media via Poppy’s Instagramย andย Facebook.

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We reviewed tails.com dog food and the service is tailored to match your dog’s nutritional needs. Youย provide information about your pooch and they’ll make a special blend for them as well as providing a handy portion guide. It’s a subscription based service which can be cancelled easily at any time. Check our our honest and comprehensive review to see what Poppy thought.

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Have you ever seen your dog watching TV? You may have observed them suddenly get very involved when you’re trying to watch something on the telly. They might start barking, wagging their tail or in some cases, they might run and jump at the screen! Whilst some canines really couldn’t…