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10 of the best things we can learn from our pet cats and dogs

Having pets around does not only spark joy. It also brings along lessons in life that we can learn from. Some would have pets because they’re cute. Others would have them because of companionship and emotional support.

There are also pet owners that get pets because they need a house guard, a guide or even just a friend. Whatever the reason may be, pets bring with them positivity inside the household. Seeing pets jump for joy upon our arrival from work just results in a calming mind after a stressful day.

Pets are really good additions at home. And aside from the companionship and all the other purposes we have them for, if we just look closely enough, we’d find that they have been sent by the cosmos to give us lessons we might have not gotten any other way.

Here are 10 of those most important lessons:

1. Living in the Moment

How many times have you had your dinner while thinking about your reports due tomorrow? Or sit in front of your TV set with your mind somewhere else like studies, work or bills?

One of the things our pets teach us is to live in the moment. Pets don’t worry about the things they did yesterday, nor do they worry about what tomorrow will bring. Give them their cat (or dog) food and all they’d do is enjoy the moment and devour the meal in front of them.

While not advisable to let obligations go, it is wise to think that there is always a time for everything. There is a time to worry about work or studies, and there is a time for fun.

And so if you are supposed to be having family time, enjoy the moment. Leave the worrying somewhere else and get back to it in its proper time.

2. A Sense of Appreciation

Whether it is just a cuddling moment or being given food every day, pets always show appreciation for these little efforts every time. And what’s more is that they are not embarrassed to show it in the open.

Pets teach us to appreciate all things in life. No matter how small, no matter how mundane, these are blessings and are reasons enough to be thankful for.

3. Take a Break

When they get tired from running and playing around, or when they get weary from scratching your door or gnawing on wires, they sleep. For the world of our pets, when things get exhausting, taking some rest is the next big thing.

One of the things we can learn from pets is to get some rest especially when the body asks for it. In a world of too many deadlines, we sometimes don’t know how to stop and take some rest.

Rest is essential as it re-charges the system, it invigorates and declutters the mind, leading to a clear and orderly train of thought.

4. Have Time for Play

We all know pets love playing. One time, there was this Youtube video of a cat playing with a bottle cap for minutes and it seemed like the happiest in the world. It was extremely cute and moments like this is just one of the reasons why owning cats is worth it.

Dogs chase bunnies, birds or just about anything and are ecstatic over it.

What’s in it for you? Find joy in simple things; have time for play. Pets can find joy in bottle caps, yarns or just about anything. They’d enjoy it for minutes or even hours.

And just like pets, find something you love and enjoy, devote your time to it, and relish that moment. It breaks the monotony; it wakes up the creative side of you.

5. Take a Walk

Owning a dog requires you to regularly bring it outside for walks.

Walking is good for your health. It’s exercise. Need we say more?

6. Forgive

Pets don’t get angry easily. And when they do, they don’t stay angry for long.

When pets get angry, one moment they’d be in their own little corners and the next thing you know it, they’re up and about playing with you again.

Just like pets, learn to be more forgiving. Throw your grudges out the window. It gives you peace of mind.

7. Fear Nothing

Just like humans, pets get scared of strange and unknown places. The difference, however, is that pets adjust very well. Once adjusted, they no longer worry about what’s lurking ahead in the shadows.

How many times have you turned down a nice opportunity just because you do not want to get out of your comfort zone?

Once the love around pets is established, they let go of their fears. You too should know that you have family and friends around to support you in case you fail. So go ahead; conquer your fears and chase that dream!

8. Acceptance

Pets don’t compare themselves with other pets. We never see them longingly look at another pet wishing they’d have longer fur or bigger ears.

Just like pets, never compare yourself with others. When it comes to body types, clothes or other material things, we always tend to compare and wish to look like someone we’re not.

Comparing yourself to others lead to dissatisfaction and a huge amount of frustration. So stop, look in the mirror, and embrace your individuality just like pets do.

9. Loyalty

We have all seen enough dog videos to know that they’re the most loyal creatures in the world. Pets, in general, are loyal to their masters.

A cat may disappear for a few days but it always goes home to its owners.

Pets don’t cheat; they don’t lie, and would always stay loyal to its owners no matter how they’re treated.

10. Unconditional Love

Pets love their owners unconditionally. You may once in a while treat them bad but no matter what, pets would always be the happiest when they’re around you.

They will always be there at your beck and call no matter how badly they were treated. Pets give unconditional love and that’s what makes having them around so worth it.

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