Lily’s Kitchen Natural Snack Bars Review

All of us love a tasty snack every now and then, and that’s also true for our dogs. When Poppy our little Lhasa Apso, first joined our family, we wanted to provide her with a healthy and balanced diet. There are so many varieties of dog foods, treats and snacks, it can become overwhelming for a new pet owner.
Lhasa Apso holding Lily's Kitchen snack bar

Lily’s Kitchen Natural Snack Bars

Health foods are quite the trend at the moment. This same trend seems to be spreading into the pet food industry, with a far greater range of natural or advanced health foods joining the market. Lily’s Kitchen, whose tagline is ‘Proper food for pets’, sell natural food products for dogs and cats. We thought we’d put this to the test by letting Poppy try out their new snack range.

Initially, Poppy was very excited when the postman dropped off a box full of Lily’s Kitchen snacks. It was quite amusing because she instantly took an interest in the box even though it remained unopened. It seemed that the smell of the contents inside had whetted Poppy’s appetite. This was a positive start. After opening the box, we found a selection of dog snack bars in three different flavours.
Lily's Kitchen natural snack bar trio

There are three natural flavours

The flavours are ‘Red Berry Boost’, ‘Sun Shiny Day’ and ‘Eat Your Greens’. The packaging feels premium and it’s made clear what’s inside each bar. The key ingredients for all three bars include chicken liver and rye flour. Red Berry Boost contains cranberries (4%), Sun Shiny Day has honey (4%) and Eat Your Greens contains apple (4%). There are a number of other ingredients in the bars, but this is easily visible on the packaging.

The product itself is shaped like a rectangular bar with triangular blocks. These triangles can be easily snapped off into smaller pieces. This is ideal if you want to control portion sizes, otherwise your dog will probably be off with the lot! The packaging is bright and colourful. I even thought they looked like the sort of product that you would buy for yourself.
Red Berry Boost natural snack bar by Lily's Kitchen

Great for fussy eaters

When it comes to food, some dogs can be fussy about what they will eat. You might be lucky enough to have a dog who will eat just about anything! If you’re a Lhasa Apso owner, that’s unlikely to be the case! Lhasa Apso dogs have a reputation for being incredibly stubborn (and fussy!) when it comes to food preferences.

Poppy is always initially suspicious of new food. We’ve tried lots of different snacks but there’s only a handful she will eat. We wanted to move her on to something more natural, so these snack bars seemed like a great thing to try. I can’t say they are her favourite treats at this point, but she’s been eating them for a few weeks now and she’s started to become very enthusiastic about them.

This is no exaggeration on our part. Poppy has become so obsessed with the snack bars, that she’s actively stealing and hiding them (evidence below!). One plus side is that after stealing one or two from the box, she can’t actually open the packaging. If only she was as enthusiastic about her kibble! It’s a definite plus side that she loves the smell and as it’s an infrequent treat, we’ve been able to use it as a training aid too.

Ideal for ‘on the go’

The major benefit of these snack bars is the ‘on-the-go’ aspect. These bars are just so handy to have with you when you’re out and about. It’s really easy to snap a piece off and give to your dog throughout the day. Just pop one in your handbag and your dog will be covered on long walks or day trips.

Before trying out any of these snack bars on your dog, it’s worth reading some of the reviews on their own website from other dog owners. All three flavours have excellent reviews with dogs seeming to love the product.

The snack bars are at the top end of the market. Each pack of two bars is £1.99, or you can buy all three flavours as a trio (six bars) for £5.70. This is pretty expensive, but it’s also healthier and more natural than some of the cheaper brands out there. It’s probably not a product you would buy regularly but rather something you could have in the treat or travel box.

Lhasa Apso dog with a treat packet in her mouth

What Poppy thinks

She seems to have taken well to these treats, and because she’s a fussy one it’s taken us by surprise. It’d be a great treat to have on standby for when we go and take Poppy out for the day. Poppy is a small Lhasa Apso, so she doesn’t require huge amounts of food, making this the perfect snack to have in the cupboard.

How to purchase them

We’d encourage anyone to check out the Lily’s Kitchen website for more information about these products. They are also stocked in some supermarkets. There’s lots more information on their website with a full list of ingredients and customer reviews.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All views expressed in this blog post are entirely our own. This post does contain affiliate links. This means that we can earn a small commission on any products purchased via our links, which helps us to pay for our website and its content.

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