Lhasa Apso festive photo with lights in the background

Nightmare before Christmas

This afternoon following my usual winter walk along the seafront, I flopped down on the carpet in our cosy front room. I was glad to be home in the warm because it was so very cold outside. The Christmas tree lights sparkled in the half-light as I settled down for a snooze in front of the fire.

Mountains of presents

This is the life. It was very quiet as I nodded off.  Unfortunately, seconds later, I was woken by a loud crack as the flames licked aroucnd one of the burning logs. My attention was drawn to the Christmas tree and all the presents underneath its branches. Last week there had only been two little parcels under the tree which mum said were mine. Now there were a lot more which must be mine too.

I just don’t know what came over me but my little paws seemed to have a will of their own. I leapt into the pile of presents and started to tear off the coloured paper wrapped around each one. This was fun! One little box after another. Paper and tinsel were flying through the air as my paws and teeth did their work.

Hunting for treats

Disappointment filled the room. There wasn’t a single doggy present in the entire room. There were human things strewn all over the floor. Slippers, sweet smelling little bottles and pretty bracelets but nothing else. Where are all my treats? I’ve been lied to… The room looked an absolute mess. Mum would go crazy.

The whole house was very quiet until I heard the sound of someone coming downstairs. What was I to do? I had completely trashed the room and I was about to be discovered. The door opened slowly. Very slowly. I felt very drowsy. Suddenly, I was startled by a really fierce crack as another log started burning. I looked up at mum who had just come into the room. She looked straight at me and asked me what I had been up to. I knew then I’d been busted.

Confession time

It was at this moment I knew I would have to confess. I did what all dogs would do in this situation. The guilty puppy eyes look is useful for getting out of situations like this. Mum smiled at me and asked me if I’d been sleeping. How odd! As I looked around the room everything was as it was before. All the presents were under the tree and the room looked perfect.

Mum held her arms out and I ran to her. I felt so happy. I was not such a naughty dog after all. It was all a dream! Later on mum and I watched television together. I had no idea what the programme was all about but I enjoyed the evening anyway. Even though I had dreamt the whole thing I told myself that I would never be as naughty as that again. Until next week maybe…

Poppy the Lhasa

I'm Poppy, a sassy little Lhasa Apso from England. I was born on Christmas Eve 2015. Everyone I meet says I've been to drama school! Follow my hectic little life, read my blog posts or check my social media for all my latest cute photos and videos.

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