Festive Tales of a Lhasa Apso

Puppy wearing a Christmas hat
Continued from Christmas Eve As I lay in my comfortable basket, I fell asleep but not for very long. The beautiful aroma of biscuits gently brought me out of my slumber. It was time! Then there was a sudden noise in the road outside which woke me up with a start. I looked around and listened.
Puppy on christmas day
It was Christmas Eve. I was so excited. It's not just about festive fun as it's also my birthday! I was so excited. The house looked beautiful with the Christmas tree as the centrepiece. Earlier in the day my human brother had arrived from the big city, called London, carrying a huge bag of presents.
Puppy wearing Santa hat
It was a cold and frosty December morning. Mum had put the Christmas tree lights on making the whole room look beautiful in the winter gloom. The tree decorations were glistening and the smell of fresh pine needles filled the room. She was tidying things upstairs but had left the patio door slightly open. There